Did You Know ... 10 Things About me!

Did You Know ... 10+ Things About Me?!

I was thinking this might be a good time for me to tell you a little bit about myself!

Hi, my name is Missie Dillon. Most people know me as the “healthy mom” who stocks the pantry and refrigerator with “healthy foods” and likes to exercise a lot. All of those are very accurate!!! Here are a few more fun facts...

I have been an active individual since I entered this world 45 years ago. As a kid, I participated in basketball, volleyball, track and cheerleading. I grew up in a teeny, tiny town in Montana ... Power, MT, USA to be exact. I have always loved the name “Power”, what a great place to grow up. I had SIX, yes, SIX people in my graduating class (7 including me). Five of us started school together as Kindergarteners and experienced our entire 13 years of school together. We grew up in a one building school that included grade school, middle school and high school; we were one big happy family that included all ages; 5-18.

I hate being cold even though I grew up in Montana and went to college in Fargo, ND/Moorhead, MN – seriously two of the coldest places on the planet. Regardless, I loved my childhood and college experiences and will forever treasure the memories and lifelong friendships that remain strong to this day. But, I’m still not a fan of the cold!!

I currently live in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex and reside in a northern suburb, Allen, TX. It is rarely cold here! Football is king. Yes, we are the school that has the stadium that seats 22,000 people and tailgates before every home game. We’ve won State several times. Our school is the biggest in the state of Texas; my oldest daughter graduated from a class of 1,543. Insane! Completely opposite of my experience!!!

I have 2 daughters; Jordy and Taylor. Jordy is a Junior in college and plays D1 soccer in the Southland Conference, she has excelled in academics and in soccer. She is studying to be a Nurse Practitioner, of which she will be a darn good one someday. Taylor is a Freshman and is an AHS cheerleader. It will be fun to watch her wear the red, white and blue on the sidelines!

I’m addicted to ponytails, Kendra Scott jewelry, workout clothes, my Apple Watch, iced green tea (unsweetened), hot tamales, alkaline water, vanilla lattes, Rosé, NexGen nails, facials, massages, eye lashes, taking long walks, exercising, sleeping-in on the weekends, being organized, the beach, the mountains, my adorable Yorkie, my talented hubby, my 2 gorgeous daughters, my grandparents who are in their late eighties and late nineties and minimizing.

I’m currently going through a minimalist phase (maybe it’s a mini midlife crisis – LOL!). We recently traded our big corner lot, 3,600 square foot house for a 2,000 square foot, corner LOFT. I know it sounds crazy but the Urban Lifestyle is forcing us to minimize, get rid of junk, donate, simplify, save tons of money, and live in a lower-maintenance environment while enjoying lots of amenities and more free time.

I thoroughly enjoy blogging and helping people on their health and wellness journey. If there is a certain wellbeing topic you would like me to write about, please let me know!

I would love to hear from you!!!

XOXO – Missie