What is your pee telling you?

According to WebMD, most of us don't give much thought to our pee before we flush it out of sight. But the basic details of urine …color, smell, and how often you go … can give you a hint about what’s going on inside your body.

This article is in no way meant to provide a medical diagnosis of any kind; however, it is intended to educate you on the importance of hydration and recognizing when you may be dehydrated. Your pee can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside your body. As consumers, it’s very important that we stay in-tune with our bodies and recognize changes that seem out of the ordinary. The body is an amazing machine that sends us messages when things get a little, or a lot, out of whack.

As far as DE-hydration and pee goes, let’s talk about a few common signs and symptoms:

What color should your pee be? Your pee should be clear or a light shade of yellow. If your pee looks like orange juice or is a honey color, there is a very good chance you are dehydrated.

What should your pee smell like? Pee doesn’t typically have much of a smell; however, there are some foods that will contribute to smelly pee, like asparagus. If you are dehydrated, your pee may be more concentrated and smell like ammonia.

How often should you pee during the day? This will vary from person to person but according to WebMD, the average person empties their bladder 8 times per day; however, depending on what you eat and drink and how often, your age, medications you are on and how much you exercise and sweat in a given day may alter that number.

So what are some of the general benefits of staying well hydrated? Your body will thank you for staying well hydrated by speeding up your metabolism, giving you more energy, minimizing or lowering your stress levels, preventing muscle cramps, lubricating your joints, increasing circulation and blood flow, maintaining a healthy body weight, quenching your thirst, improving the appearance of skin and improving overall digestion.

Urine control ... so stay hydrated!