Sit and get fit?

Let’s sit … and get fit!

Isn’t sitting considered the new smoking? Then how is it possible to be active and sit at the same time?

Do you watch TV? Do you play on your cell phone? Chances are, you do. Let’s talk “wall sits”, people.

A wall sit is essentially a squat against the wall that activates your core and lower body muscles and will have you shaking in your boots in no time flat. A great time to incorporate wall sits into your day is during commercial breaks, when you are playing on your phone, when you are listening to music or while eating a quick and healthy snack. Here’s the deal … you can wear just about anything and don’t necessarily need to have tennis shoes or workout clothes on. BOOM! No excuses. Wall sits can literally be done ANYWHERE and can be modified for all fitness levels; find a wall or a door and give it a try.

Start with 30 seconds and gradually increase your time. Trust me, wall sits are harder than they look and sound, but are such a simple and effective way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine.