It's Time For a Little "Heart to Heart"

It’s time for a little Heart to Heart

What would you say if I told you that per the American Heart Association every minute in the United States, someone's wife, mother, daughter or sister dies from heart disease, stroke or another form of cardiovascular disease? Would you throw your hands up and accept that fate? Of course you wouldn’t. Why? Because people depend on you and you are not a quitter, right? No one can take care of things like you can; as women we place a heavy burden on ourselves to be perfect, to take care of everything and everyone, to be a multi-tasking master, to constantly provide, to be the first one up every morning and the last one to sleep at night, to put so many of our needs on the back burner in order to check everything off of our daily to do lists and on and on and on. If that sounds anything like you, please keep reading…

We all know that February is the month for LOVE but did you also know that it’s heart health month? Ironic, right! February is the perfect time to reflect, hone in, set goals and focus on YOU and your heart.

Today I want you to step back and take a good look at your current situation and ask yourself if you are doing everything you need to do to be as heart healthy as possible. Yes, I know, there are some factors that are beyond our control; like family history, age and gender. But, there are so many other factors that we have control over and can easily weave into our daily lives that will help us live healthier and longer.

So, what are some of the things we can control? Well, for one, our lifestyle choices. We can quit smoking, maintain a healthy body weight, eat a heart healthy diet, get more sleep, manage stress, get regular check-ups and/or preventive screenings and exercise on a regular basis. You got this!

Ok, so let’s focus on EXERCISE. Did you know that sedentary behavior is a leading contributor to heart disease and various other diseases like Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes? One of the absolute easiest ways to incorporate exercise into your daily life is by WALKING!!! Yes, walking! There are oodles and oodles of benefits to walking and mounds of research to back it all up. Walking can have an unbelievably powerful effect on your body, mind and overall health. Start by walking 10 minutes a day and then gradually increase your time. Here are a couple easy ways to increase your daily walking time: incorporate a wearable device to help you monitor your steps, park at the far end of parking lots and/or parking garages, set a timer or reminders throughout the day, use the stairs instead of elevators, use restrooms that are on another floor or take a quick walk around the block with your dog, a friend or a family member. I have complete faith and confidence in you and know you will make walking more of a priority because your heart depends on it!

XOXO – Missie