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Hello, Friends -

I am incredibly grateful you are here.  My name is Missie Dillon & I'm a 51 year old wife & mom to two older daughters, and the cutest Yorkie named Barkley.  I'm a Montana girl living in Texas & working full-time in Corporate America as a Population Health Strategist. I've been doing that the majority of my life and thoroughly enjoy it but do have my sights on retirement.

I  am an avid fitness fanatic, Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Group Exercise Instructor for about 30+ years now.  Walking is my daily go-to exercise & I LOVE Core Power Yoga, it's helping me sweat my way through menopause. ;)

I love fashion but consider myself a bit of a minimalist.  I also love neutral home decor & could truly decorate all day long.  I  strive to be comfy, versatile, practical, thoughtful & grateful in my way of life.  


Being the best wife & mom I can be while looking & feeling healthy, happy, strong & confident, is my life's mission.   


Thank you for following along on this journey with me.  I  hope that by sharing a glimpse of my life, you will be inspired & motivated. Your friendships & love mean the world to me!


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