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I am thrilled you are here. I created this easy to use daily exercise guide so you can conveniently incorporate daily workouts, using no equipment & from anywhere at any time. It can be daunting to workout when you aren’t really sure what to do. My exercise cards are easy to follow & make it super simple to weave activity into your daily life. I want to make things as convenient as possible so you are set up for daily success. There are four categories you can choose exercises from; core, upper body, lower body & planks. Consider picking one exercise from each category daily (4 total exercises). Try & do 10-15 reps of each exercise & then 3-4 rounds total. This will typically take you, on average, 20 minutes. I have provided an EXAMPLE workout for you on page 6. Please remember to listen to your body & modify as necessary. Have fun & enjoy your daily workouts!


XOXO - Missie

This guide is for you if you’re looking to:

  • Move more daily

  • Incorporate inexpensive workouts at home

  • Look & feel healthier, happier & stronger

Get your copy now!

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