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A little bit about me...

Hi guys ~
My name is Missie and I have spent the past 28 years in the fitness, health and wellness industry.  I am certified in all kinds of fitness and nutrition modalities.
I have worked with numerous corporate clients, health plans, vendors, fitness facilities and individuals to develop sustainable wellness and fitness programs.
More importantly, I am a 47 year old mother of two beautiful daughters (22 & 16).  Life is all about aging gracefully, embracing the inevitable and never settling.
I am also a huge fan of affordable, fun and versatile fashion.  I love fitness and I love fashion ... I mean what's not to love, right!  
My simple moto in life goes a little something like this ... move more, count your blessings and accessorize!


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Daily Accountability​

Home Exercise Cards

Manageable, Food Plan

Healthy Food Shopping List

Lifestyle Guide 

Seven Daily Essentials Journal

Goal Setting Toolkit

What are you waiting for girl?!



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Ladies, we are SUPER HEROS (have you seen the Wonder Woman movie) - that's us when it comes to taking care of others, but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we fall short sometimes.  It's not always because we don't want to focus on ourselves, we just put others first and there's only so many hours in the day.   
It's like you're going along, fine and dandy, when all of a sudden, five years zip by in a flash and you don't even remember sleeping.  What the...?  Fast forward to reality and now you're 15 pounds heavier than you want to be, you're sitting on the floor in your closet drinking wine and literally crying your eyes out because you have "nothing to wear" (because you think you look like crap in everything) - not to mention, you are utterly and completely exhausted and feel like poo.  I know this all sounds harsh but honestly, can you relate to any of this?  If so, girlfriend, welcome to the club - YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!
Life is a crazy rat race and our health often suffers because of it. Healthcare and self-care need to be top priorities ... if we don't put our health first, everything else will suffer; however, that doesn't mean we need to complicate things. I am here to help you KEEP IT SIMPLE and to prove to you that you can be "fit & fabulous at any age" by creating a lifestyle that you will appreciate, be able to maintain and love! 
I don’t overthink things or over complicate things, I teach a holistic lifestyle that consists of health and wellbeing.  I am here to help you discover your true power and personal potential while not overwhelming you.
I want to help set you up for success while focusing on behavior change.  We can all use a little tweaking every now and then. 
EVERYONE can benefit from education, insight, motivation and coaching, regardless of your current situation, circumstances or age.  We are all unique and have our own story - but, our similarities bond us together, which is extremely cool and comforting.
Here's to a new decade!
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